What kind of problems are solvable

Simulation of laminar or turbuent flow with or without heat transfer
The simulation runs either transient or steady-state. After the simulation, velocity, pressure and temperatue are given at any position inside the geometry. It is possible to obtain the forces acting upon different surfaces like airfoils, agitators etc.

Mixing process
The mixing process of one or more fluid (liquid or gaseous, high viscous or non newtonian) can be simulated. With a transient calculation things like "residence time" or "quality of cleaning" can be determined. 

In case of a combusiton simulation, the gases are burned by the reating equation. Beside the flame temperature, the concentration of NOx is calculable. Riskless optimization is ensured.

Simulation of stirring process
Reactions, deflocculation, mixing of different components are three processes which could occurs in a stirrer vessel. Comparisons between different agitators or baffles may be made.

Simulation of multiple Phases
If two or more fluids are immiscible, a Simulation of multiphase is necessary. Usual examples are waterspouts or sloshing.

Simulation of Pathlines
If a fluid flow is loaded with particles, like flue gas, it could be intressting to determine the resting time of the particles and the reduction of mass or sediments.