Fluitec mixing + reacton solutions AG

Fluitec mixing + reaction solutions AG: Engineering, Production,Assembly, flue gas duct, DeNOx, static mixer, mixer heat-exchanger. Our Partner in the field of reactor and mixer technology


Ingenis AG Festigkeitsanalysen

Ingenis AG: In terms of mechanical and thermal processes-analysation, the Ingenis AG is your competent partner. The Ingenis AG is our Partner for FEM simulations.


MSE Meili AG

MSE Meili AG: Specialized in the measuring of solids concentration, velocity and throughput for Research and Development and for the monitoring of production plants.


Dalco AG

Dalco AG:  We recommend Dalco AG for Hardware.


Anlagenbau AG

Anlagenbau AG: The Anlagenbau AG is doing the layout and assembles the process equipment of their clients since 1969.