Euler - Lagrange  Model (DPM)

With the Euler- Lagrange methode it is possible to calculate the flight-path of particles like droplets, dust or corn. The interaction between the particles and the flow is considered.


The particle size distribution, the initial velocity, the start point and a geometry should determined before the simulation

Spray tower

A typical example for a Euler-Lagrange simulation ist the spray dryer. The liquid part of a product evaporates and the solid part remains. With cfd it is possible to do the layout of the spray dryer. The cfd simulation claucates the residence time of the particles. It also calculates at which point (position) the particles are dry. This inforamtion is important in terms of deposits. If particles which are hitting the wall of the tower are still wet, they stick on the wall.

Common spray dryed products are:

-Baby food

-instant coffee

-laundry detergent

Industrial spary dryer can be very tall with flow rates of multiple tons per hour. The picture below shows a spray tower for milk powder. The three persons on the pictures serve as scale.