Most of the results will be represented graphical. For 3D Cases it make sense to create slices, which are a good basis to show flowcharateristics.


Arithmetical mean

It is possible to calculate the arithmetical mean and the deviation of it on a given plane. Per example the cross section of a duct.

Contours and Isosurfaces

Conours are line or surfaces of constant scalar value.


A streamline is a line in the fluid whose tangent is everywhere parallel to the local velocity vector. The line shows  the direction in which a massless fluid element will travel, if the flow is steady state.

Vector (Glyph)

One visualization technique used for vector data is to draw an oriented, scaled line for each vector. the lines may be colored according to vector magnitude or some other scalar quantity (e.g. temperature or pressure). The result looks similar to a bristly Hedgehog. Often you will need to adjust the scaling of the lines to control the size of its visual representation.